Affordable Denture Clinic in Sydney

If you’re looking for an affordable denture clinic in Sydney, look no further than Palmerston Road Dental Clinic. We provide a full range of clinical services, including denture additions, full mouth dentures, and even denture cleaning. During your consultation, our experienced dental prosthetist will outline all the necessary options, treatment plans and costs so you can prepare for your journey to having that radiant smile. 


Say goodbye to your ill-fitting, loose and painful dentures. Here at our denture repair lab, we offer repairs and relines. PR Denture clinic is all about providing the most iconic image of dental technology – a full set of dentures made of the highest-quality materials. When you step out of our denture care clinic, you will have all the reasons to smile. 


For enquiries on our services, call us on (02) 9482 1952 or email Visit our website for more details: 


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