blue hyacinth macaw for sale australia


i have a hyainth macaw for sale and other macaws available,

*Harlequin Macaws
*Blue and Gold macaws.
*Hyacinth Macaws
* Green Winged Macaws
*African grey

We have found this hybrid to be absolutely outstanding and I'm amazed at their companion qualities. They are very well suited to

homes with children and mix well with family and extended family and friends as long as the owners continue to put the work in eg.

Taking them out on the harness and "keeping their world big" Contact to get them now. Just over a year old
he does not get on with my dog or african Grey
so i want him to go to a good home
he has a hatching certificate and is micro chipped
he is starting to speak
comes with a nice sized cage toys and food
he loves to be out of cage and around people
now this package all comes as one i will not split
price will be as it says or i may drop a little
message for photos will put on later

Email me at :

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