Cherry head tortoise

$350 (Negotiable)

I  have some fantastic well started Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise, sucalta and adelbra tortoises for sell.Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise for sale online are past the fragile hatchling stage and are good eaters, with an active personality. They are very vibrant in color and can grow to about 8 – 14 inches during their lives. Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise can live anywhere between 60 – 90 years with a proper diet and care. Their diet consists of a variety of lettcues, greens mixed in with some yummy fruit and plenty of veggies. Turtle store only has the best, top quality Captive Bred red footed tortoise for sale and focus on healthy active tortoises with vivid colorings. Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise for sale make great companion pets and will bring joy to any family for years to through Gmail... or wickr..... clintono.. for more details.


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