Kassis Karate Academy

We welcome to the world of Kassis Karate Academy, this association is association and totally devoted to teach karate particularly girls and boys around the world. We serve our free service to the women for their personality protection. Our trainers are born for Kassis Karate Academy; think in giving excellence Karate Academy teaching as a way of teaching young students discipline, proper social behavior, self-control and "YES I CAN" attitude. We cultivate the habit of not giving up and to fight for one's rights under all situations. Our services include the most current peak presentation and personal excellence training techniques. We use the most practical self-defense methods from the old styles. Sound basics are skilled to all students. Classes are exclusively taught by black belts. Our program is supple enough to adapt and be customized to fit the requirements and limitations of each individual in a safe learning environment. This allows you to improve your whole being and physically with improved coordination, endurance, flexibility, strength, energy, and physical health in general. Mentally, with everything you do from reading, understanding, concentrating, listening, speaking, learning, and teaching. Kassis Karate Academy is a devoted black belt school. Please explore our website to learn about the new style, our Karate, our instructors and our programs. You may also access additional training material and a forum where you can communicate with others about the dojo and its programs. Soon you will be able to purchase training equipment or pay tuition conveniently through our online pro shop, so keep checking back.

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