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A chance to explore the Australian Outback. A time to wander off and view

the best sights of our great country. An incredible way to relax and bond

with your loved ones. Yes, these are just some of the things off-road

caravanning can do for you.


Tick the items off your bucket list with Caravan Coffs Coast’s and view our Off-road Titanium Caravans for sale.


Enjoy the caravanning lifestyle with our wide selection of caravan models

and layouts such as the aluminium framed Off-road Southern Star Hardcore

by Titanium Caravans.


Locate the most beautiful local spots in Australia, lets head out of the city’s hustle and bustle to find your utopia.


Create new and interesting experiences with Caravan Coffs Coast, we have

aesthetically designed and functional Semi Off-road & Off-road caravans

just for you.


Take on an adventure of a lifetime in a space that offers comfort and

convenience. Discover your newfound passion for travel in a lifetime of

enjoyment with all the features you can dream of including full ensuite

bathrooms, club lounge dinette’s or bunk family van designs.


Quality matters most to us. That is why all our caravans are carefully

designed and constructed to suit your varying requirements. We have

different layouts and designs for you to choose from. Get ready for

adventure and purchase your best caravan from us.


Check out our showroom and head straight to 186 Pacific Hwy, Coffs

Harbour NSW 2450. For enquiries, call us at 02 6652 5523 or send us an

email to

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