Pete's Pourer: Your Must-Have Paint Pourer Accessory


Have you got any painting projects you need to get done? If you’ve undertaken a DIY project before, you probably already have first-hand experience of how messy things can get when pouring paint from a paint can or tin into a roller tray. Just think of continually getting paint in the rim and down the face of the tin. That can distort the instructions for application and clean-up, which you don’t want to happen. 


What if we tell you there’s a paint pourer you can use that will allow you to pour paint without having such a big mess? Pete’s Pourer is the must-have paint tin pourer accessory that DIY enthusiasts, tradies, and professionals should use. This accessory stops paints from collecting in the paint tin rim, saving you clean-up time, effort, and money. 


It’s 100% Australian-made, cheap, and reusable. Unlike other paint pourers in the market, Pete’s Pourer has an engineered design that ensures there won’t be any spills when pouring paint. It has an easy one-step, clip on and off system. 


Make your painting project hassle-free with Pete’s Pourer. If you would like to be a distributor or reseller, please contact us to discuss the quantities, pricing, and geographical area. 

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