The Things That You Want To Do To Me, WON'T Even Compare To What I Have Install For You;)

Hi all,

Brianna is my name, I'm an Aussie born certified nymphomaniac with an exotic background. My gorgeous fit and toned body screams sex, which is a good thing as I'm so damn good at it!. Getting you hard is the easy part, It's where you want to blow that's where I see it getting tricky.

I DO THINGS THAT OTHERS DON'T, for instance you can fuck my mouth, screw my pussy and drill my lovely tight ass,)

As the saying goes.. BUT WAIT THERES MORE!

- Bareback blow jobs with me DEEPTHROATING and GAGGING.
- If you are the type of guy that needs to cum more than once, GO FOR IT!
- I'm ALWAYS Up for some naughty ROLEPLAYING and SPANKING.
- My PUSSY loves attention, before you screw it you can lick it;)
- I'm also down for a little heavy petting, kissing and cuddling is very much on the to do list.

$450 an hour
$300 for 30 minutes 

Just looking to get your weasel greased instead? No problem... that will be 150 smack a roos, which will get your cock a date with my mouth for 10 minutes.

Here's my number, please be sure to call me with your number showing OR simply send me a text to make a booking.


I can’t wait to see my clothes on the floor next to yours;)

Brianna xx

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