Speed Up your Footy Skills with Rugby Training Balls

It’s time to hone your football skills fast. Stock a rugby training ball on a string and delve into practicing the core basic skills of football- passing, kicking, and throwing. Our wide range of training footballs greatly improve your hand-eye coordination, and bring in you the confidence that would help you to become a Much Better Player on the Field.

Made from high quality 3 ply pro-grip material, the products from that Training Ball based in Australia, have all the essential features that would help you to learn the correct way to handle it. We have the balls for different age groups that stand out to be the best gift for any footy player.


1. Order from us MOD Junior size rugby ball for age group 7 to 14 years at $42.


2. We also have the stock for players of 5-13 years at $42 that includes postage.


3. We also have 3 large full size rugby balls available to you at the price of two.


Order this special Australian designed Pass Master RUGBY BALLS Online!


Web: https://thattrainingball.com.au/

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